Project 2013 Advanced

Who it's For:

This course is intended for project managers, team leads, team members (resources), or other staff who are responsible for documenting and managing work in projects.

What it is:

MS Project is the world's most popular project management software. It is used world-wide to plan so that complicated projects execute smoothly. Project can also be used to assign resources, and track projects while they're running.

What You'll Learn:

Managers will learn how to set up, plan, organize, and track projects. You'll learn lots of useful features that professions use to help their projects run as efficiently as possible.


Project 2013 Advanced Part 1

  • Introduction
  • Setting A Baseline
  • Adding Table Columns
  • Tracking Actuals
  • Late Start And Late Finish
  • Linking To Documents
  • Rescheduling A Started Task
  • Filters And Groups
  • Using The Organizer
  • Changing The Look

Project 2013 Advanced Part 2

  • Introduction
  • Create Custom Fields
  • Checking For Links
  • Custom Checking For Leveling
  • Creating A Resource Pool
  • Creating Master Projects
  • Project Timeline
  • Reports