Project 2013 - Level 2 - Creating Projects

About the course

The Project 2013 - Creating Projects course is in the Microsoft Specialist exam 74-343 range. You will learn how to apply templates, enter tasks, set durations and create calendars. You will also define relationships, set constraints and assign resources.


There are 6 modules in this course

  • Templates and Task Scheduling
  • Working with Tasks
  • Durations and Calendars
  • Relationships and Dependencies
  • Setting Constraints and Deadlines
  • Assigning Resources

Course features

  • Simulation training replicates the software you are learning providing a realistic learning experience.
  • Learn how to perform tasks at your own pace and interactively by following easy step-by-step actions.
  • Reinforce your knowledge at the end of each lesson by completing interactive and multiple choice quiz questions.
  • Assess your skills at any time by undertaking the Course Test.
  • Lessons can be completed within 30 minutes so training can be undertaken in bite size pieces.
  • Bookmarking allows you to learn in multiple training sessions.
  • Course navigation features allow you to jump directly to specific topics of interest quickly and easily.
  • Designed for people who require initial and refresher training activities.
  • Available on-line 24 hours a day.
  • Version for Mobile Devices.
  • Review course content with eBooks

Course Topics

Creating Projects Templates and Task Scheduling

  • Create New Projects;
  • Enter Project Information;
  • Apply Templates;
  • Switch between Projects
  • Manually Schedule Tasks;
  • Auto Schedule Tasks

Working with Tasks

  • Enter Tasks and Subtasks;
  • Promote and Demote Tasks;
  • Hide Tasks;
  • Use Outline Levels;
  • Move, Copy and Delete Tasks;
  • Create Task Notes;
  • Create Recurring Tasks;
  • Password Protect Projects;
  • Create Templates;

Durations and Calendars

  • Enter Task Durations;
  • Identify Task Types;
  • Use Elapsed Time Durations;
  • Modify the Standard Calendar;
  • Create New Calendars;
  • Assign Calendars to Tasks;

Relationships and Dependencies

  • Distinguish Dependency Types;
  • Create Finish-to-Start Relationships;
  • Create Start-to-Start Relationships;
  • Create Finish-to-Finish Relationships;
  • Modify Dependencies;
  • Add Lag Time to a Task;
  • Understand Overlapping Tasks;
  • Change the Timescale;
  • Create Milestone Tasks;

Setting Constraints and Deadlines

  • Understand Constraint types;
  • Apply Constraints to Tasks;
  • Set Deadlines for Tasks;

Assigning Resources

  • Display the Resource Sheet;
  • Enter Resources;
  • Modify Resources;
  • Change Working Times;
  • Create Notes;
  • Change Task Types;
  • Assign Resources to Tasks;
  • Display Work Allocation Graphs;
  • Remove Resources from Tasks;