Executive Skills


Executive skills are not a C-suite exclusive. They’re for everyone. They’re the cognitive skills that help you make strategic decisions, regulate your behavior and emotions, and apply your strengths to your tasks to reach goals. Everyone has both strong and weak executive skills. Identifying the skills you’re using and how you’re using them allows you to improve them. This course series will help you identify your executive skill strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to improve your overall job performance and satisfaction.

In this series, our objectives are:

  • Identify some common executive skills
  • Take a self-assessment to identify the skill you can use effectively and the skill that need attention
  • Adapt your environment to accommodate weaknesses and improve productivity
  • Improve interactions among your team members and leadership

Titles in this series include:

  1. What ARE Executive Skills Anyway?
  2. Executive Skills: The Story of Abby and Mark
  3. Executive Skills on the Job
  4. Assess Your Executive Skills
  5. Dealing with Your Weaknesses
  6. Short Fixes for Executive Skill Weaknesses
  7. Does Your Job Play to Your Strengths?
  8. Working with Executive Skills of Others
  9. Use Executive Skills to Combat System Overload