Mobile Development: Essential Tools and Strategies


Learn practical strategies, tools, and tips to establish yourself in the mobile dev industry.

Whether you're new to development, or established in a related field, this course let you know what to expect, where to source the appropriate resources and support, and how to ensure your work is up to industry standard.

Learning Objectives

This Mobile Development course will help you establish yourself in this industry, learn strategies you need to excel, and get the practical tools you need to get started. In this course, you'll learn:

  • Set appropriate expectations for entering this field, and how to excel.
  • The tools of the trade, when to use them, and the life cycle of an app.
  • How to create a secure app and publish it for users.

Why should I take this course

Mobile Development Foundations offers users the essential information they need to get started in this field. It sets appropriate expectations, offers practical tools and strategy, and provides industry standard guidelines to develop apps that are robust and secure.


This course is perfect for anyone interested in this field or for existing developers wanting to shift into mobile development. This course offers foundation knowledge and strategy alongside practical tools and resources to set you up for success.