Microsoft Windows 11

Course Overview

We all need to analyze data these dayLearn the essential features of the latest Microsoft OS version, Windows 11, with this 3+ hours course from Microsoft experts, Simon Sez IT.

Learn the essential features of Microsoft Windows 11 in this detailed course. This course will help you master the latest and feature-packed version of Microsoft’s operating system.

This Windows 11 course will take you through the most useful components of the Windows 11 OS. We spare no effort to teach you how to make the most of this new operating system from Microsoft. From setting up for the first time and customizing the start menu and taskbar, to using OneDrive and working with Teams and Windows applications.

This course includes practice exercises at the end of each section and is perfect for anyone upgrading from a previous version of Windows or those who are brand new to the Windows operating system.

Learning Objectives:

In this course you will learn:

  • What’s New in Windows 11
  • How to Upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11
  • How to Check System Compatibility
  • How to Set up Windows 11 for the first time
  • Exploring the Windows 11 Interface
  • How to Connect and Install Devices
  • How to Customize the Start Menu and Taskbar
  • How to Customize the File Explorer Views
  • How to use OneDrive in File Explorer
  • How to Organize and Personalize the Desktop and Lock Screen
  • Using Microsoft Edge and Teams
  • Learn about Keyboard Shortcuts
  • How to Organize Multiple Workspaces
  • How to use Widgets and Sticky Notes
  • How to Work with ZIP files
  • How to use Windows and Office Applications