MS Excel 2016: Expert Tools


In the course MS Excel 2016: Expert Tools you will familiarise yourself in detail with various options of external data import from other formats compatible with Excel. You will also learn how to export data from Excel to these formats. The course later focuses on pivot tables and pivot charts, covering also their formatting, sorting and filtering of data as well as using them in further calculations. Beside that you will become familiar with several advanced functions and Excel features that will help you to process data in larger databases.


  • Advanced data validation
  • OFFSET function
  • Advanced filter
  • Database functions
  • SUBTOTAL function
  • Advanced IF functions
  • VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions
  • INDEX and MATCH functions
  • External data from web
  • External data from Access
  • Import of data through Microsoft Query
  • Data from external sources
  • XML data
  • PivotTable
  • PivotTable formatting
  • Sorting and filtering field items
  • Calculations in PivotTables
  • Other PivotTable options
  • Data Model
  • PivotChart