Excel 2016 Advanced

Who it's For:

Anyone currently using Microsoft Excel, or anyone who wants to learn how!

What it is:

Excel is a popular Microsoft application that organizes and analyzes data.

What You'll Learn:

Our beginner videos start with simple tasks like selecting cells and entering data, then quickly move to calculating data with basic formulas and functions. The intermediate portion shows you how simple it is to sort and filter and then moves to one of Excel's most popular features, Pivot Tables. Our advanced videos start with functions like IF and VLOOKUP and finish up with Macros.


Excel 2016 Advanced Part 1

  • Named Ranges - Part 1
  • Named Ranges - Part 2
  • Named Ranges - Part 3
  • IF Function - Part 1
  • Formula Auditing Tools
  • IF Function - Part 2
  • Nesting Functions
  • Autofill VLOOKUP & IFERROR
  • VLOOKUP Range
  • VLOOKUP Range with Nested Functions
  • Date Functions
  • Text Functions

Excel 2016 Advanced Part 2

  • Consolidating Data
  • Consolidating Data Without Structure
  • Complex Solver Tool
  • Solver Tool
  • Scenario Manager
  • Data Table
  • Turning on the Developer Tab
  • Recording a Macro
  • Editing Macros in VBA & Recording a Second Macro
  • Adding Macros to the QA Toolbar
  • Adding Macro Buttons to the Worksheet
  • Conclusion