Taking Responsibility


Remember the schoolyard game ‘hot potato’, where a ball is passed from one person to another without them getting much time to react? Sometimes customer service can feel like that. A customer is passed from person to person, department to department, and nothing gets resolved.

Taking responsibility for a customer's problems is a key part of customer service. Having 1 contact point sets customers’ minds at ease that someone is helping them. What's more, their issues will be resolved far more efficiently. This course will explain how you can take responsibility for your customers’ problems and proactively work to prevent them in the 1st place.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Recognise why taking responsibility is essential in customer service
  • Explain what proactive customer service is
  • Demonstrate responsibility for customers' issues

Why Should I take this course

In this course, you'll understand the importance of taking responsibility for customers’ problems. You'll learn ways to deal with customers without passing the buck on to someone else. Suitable for anyone in customer services, it’ll also cover how to implement proactive customer service to solve problems before they even arise.