The Art of Patience


Patience is a virtue. Whoever invented that phrase clearly didn’t spend over 2 hours on hold, right? Unfortunately, customer service can be a slow process. Complex issues with many moving parts, busy members of staff, and more can result in long waits while you try to contact different departments. It’s no wonder some customers get annoyed! You can’t train a customer to be more patient. But for smoother, more efficient customer service, you’ll need to master the art of patience yourself. It’ll help keep customers calm and happy, which means you’ll be able to solve their issues much faster. This course will help you improve your patience, so you’ll be unflappable the next time you deal with a customer whose patience is running out. Maybe request some better hold music in the meantime?

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Explain why you need to be patient with customers
  • Identify behaviours and circumstances that will challenge your patience
  • Demonstrate patience when dealing with customers

Why Should I take this course

This course is suitable for anyone in customer services or with a customer-facing job. It’ll help you become more patient when dealing with customers through the use of techniques and tips. You’ll learn why patience is so important in customer services and what common things can challenge your patience.