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Covid-19: Planning for a Return to Work

Course Overview

This Covid-19 course provides an initial framework to guide planning as you return to work. It equips you with a set of tools to help you and your organisation develop a responsible, adaptable return-to-work process, in line with official advice and requirements.

The course is aimed at all those involved in planning the return to work. This includes the single responsible owner of the return-to-work process, directors, managers and team members with responsibility for wellbeing or health and safety.

The information set out in this course will be valuable at every stage of the Covid-19 planning process - a process which is likely to continue for some time after the return to work has begun.

Interactive exercises provide opportunities to check that you have mastered the material, and that you are ready to apply it to your own organisation’s needs.

Course Objectives

The course helps you to develop Covid-19 planning procedures for:

  • Social distancing
  • Hygiene (including PPE)
  • Covid-19 (Coronavirus)-related incidents
  • Travel
  • Training and wellbeing