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Internet, Email and Social Media


The internet is ubiquitous. Over the past decade or so, it has become one of the most accepted and effective ways to access information, to purchase goods and services and to communicate with others. It has facilitated the global expansion of companies, bringing employees ? and customers ? closer to home. But, as we all know, the internet also has a darker side. Not only can employees use it for non-work purposes during work time, impacting productivity, abusing access to the internet can also bring reputational damage to an organisation and, in extreme cases, may lead to litigation or even criminal investigation.

A clear policy on internet use in the workplace is, therefore necessary for any organisation that conducts their activities online.

The EssentialSkillz Internet and Email Use eLearning Course enables you, the employer, to communicate your procedures relating to internet use to your entire workforce. The online course has been designed to explain guidelines on the correct use of IT facilities as well as the consequences of misuse. It outlines what is included within the category of IT facilities, such as software applications, email, Internet and social media, and how to use them appropriately.

The course looks in detail at what might be considered inappropriate. Topics here could include copyright infringement, breaches of confidentiality and/or data protection, accessing obscene and/or illegal materials, defamation, contractual liability, and engaging in discriminatory behaviour. The online course also explains the responsibilities of your employees to ensure the security of IT equipment, both in the office and, for mobile equipment, in other locations.

Main Sections within the course:

  • Overview
  • IT Facilities
  • IT Equipment
  • Test

Course Objectives:

  • To ensure you are familiar with what is considered appropriate use of workplace IT facilities and equipment.
  • To highlight your responsibilities relating to the use of workplace IT facilities and equipment.
  • To prevent internet users creating unnecessary risks such as litigation and dismissal through misuse of workplace IT facilities and equipment.

Target Audience

This course is ideal for all employees likely to access the internet using work computers.