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Service Overview


Course Source* are the course delivery partner for Kallidus, a leading publisher of business and compliance courses. 

Via this website, we facilitate easy access to the Kallidus range of courses (formerly known as "Engage in Learning") plus a wider selection of courses and other subject areas. This is coupled with friendly, expert purchase advice; Our business support managers are on hand to help you with your course selections, provide evaluation access, and to get you set-up with your chosen courses. 

Your learners will access their courses via this website. Access to our Course Source LMS (Learner Management System) is also available for company managers (to monitor their learners' progress etc). Tailored versions of our LMS and learner website are also available.

Alternatively the courses can easily be accessed via your own LMS.

Please note that this service is geared towards companies with at least 20 staff (and billing is via invoice). For purchases of fewer than 20 course enrolments, we'd suggest that you purchase instead via the Optimised online store (where you can self-serve, pay with a credit card, and orders are fulfilled automatically).



How to Buy


Step 1: Evaluation

Before you order, we recommend that you take a look at the courses to ensure that they meet your requirements and expectations. There are two types of preview available via this website: 

INSTANT PREVIEWS: Please contact sales@corelearning.net to request a log-in to this website. Once logged in you will be able to instantly preview any course (typically 5 minute limit) by clicking the PREVIEW COURSE link at the top of any course description. You will only be able to see the preview option whilst you are logged in.

FULL EVALUATION ACCESS: If you would like 14-day access to any course(s) for deeper evaluation, we'll be happy to set that up on request.

We will be happy to also provide a demo (via a web-call) of our back-office LMS, if you'd like an overview of the admin and reporting functions. 

If for any reason the courses do not meet your requirements, please get in touch and we'll suggest alternatives. As a major eLearning distributor, Course Source provide access to over 3,500 courses. 

Step 2: Course Selections and Ordering

The course details for the Kallidus courses are listed here. You can also browse or search the wider catalogue which includes a selection of courses in other subject areas. To place your order, please request a call-back by contacting sales@corelearning.net and our business support manager will get in touch to firm up your order, and provide any clarifications around how to use this service. When you are ready to buy, please provide your Purchase Order (or order reference) so that we can issue our invoice (please note that payment is required within 30-days).


If you are unsure exactly what you need or how it all works, don't worry! Please get in touch and we'll be very happy to help.



Indicative Pricing


Indicative pricing is provided below. We can provide bespoke quotes for an exact number of learners or courses, as required. 


Quantity  Number of Kallidus courses selected Annual LMS cost (optional)***
  Single course enrolments** 5 course bundle

10 course bundle

All courses  (subscription) Based on number of learners using the LMS
25 £400 £627 £757 £1,843 £180
50 £700 £1,027 £1,248 £3,099 £280
75 £950 £1,364 £1,662 £4,158 £315
100 £1,100 £1,659 £2,025 £5,086 £370


**"single coures enrolments" can either be for a specific course or you can "mix and match" with other Kallidus courses. 

***the LMS cost doesn't apply if you wish to use your own LMS instead.

All prices are subject to VAT and may be subject to change. A confirmed quote will be provided to you when you contact us.

Courses from the other Publishers (course providers) that are listed in the Catalogue are priced differently, and access to their courses would necessitate a separate purchase.

Again, we will be delighted to advise on course selections and pricing. 



How learners will access their courses


If you wish to access courses via this website:

Depending on your preference, we will either provide/support you with:

  • a batch of Enrolment Keys (access codes) that you can distribute to your learners. They can then self-register and enrol (using their Enrolment Key) via this Portal, or
  • an import of users onto this Portal (via a CSV upload) which also enrols them onto the selected courses, or
  • the ability for you to manually enrol learners via our Course Source LMS (for this option, there is an initial set-up fee of £300+VAT, as it involves additional LMS configuration and support). Additional charges may apply for more extensive customisation. We will of course provide quotes as required.

If you prefer to use your own LMS to access the courses:

For customers with their own LMS, we will provide you with "course connnectors" that you can load up (as new courses) onto your system. 



LMS tracking / Access


When you place your order, we will also supply a separate URL for you (and any other nominated company managers) to access our Course Source LMS. You'll be able to run reports and track individuals' progress.

Again, if you prefer to use your own LMS (instead of ours) then we can provide access to the courses via your system instead.





For any sales support (including product advice, evaluation access, order processing etc), please contact us on sales@corelearning.net. Please include your name, company name, email address and phone number. We'll endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday, office hours). 




* "Course Source" is the name of the course evaluation and supply service and LMS provided by Core Learning Services Ltd. All purchases and services via this Portal are fulfilled by Core Learning Services Ltd, an authorised reseller for a variety of course publishers. Please see the Course Source privacy policy and terms and conditions (below) which apply to all users of this Portal and its Learner Management System (LMS).