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If you require further assistance or technical support, please contact us at elearning@nsafd.co.uk.

For technical help, please ensure to include as much information as possible regarding the specifics of your request to help the support line deal with your enquiry.

As the subject of the email please state the type of request, either Registration, Technical Assistance or General Information, and in the body text (for technical help) please include the following information, where possible:

  1. First name, Last name
  2. Company, contact number
  3. Login ID or user ID
  4. Course, lesson and tutorial (where applicable)
  5. Browser type and version
  6. Operating system
  7. Type of connection, i.e. modem, ADSL etc.
  8. Description of request/ problem


Incoming support requests are routed to the appropriate support representative based on request type and the level of technical expertise required to quickly resolve the issue.