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Level 2 Health and Safety


This Level 2 health and safety in the workplace course is designed to provide employees with the requisite knowledge needed in order to provide a safe working environment within your organisation. This includes an understanding of legal responsibilities, accident prevention and an overview of some of the key areas of workplace health and safety.



Module 1 - Introduction to health & safety and health & safety law

  • Define health & safety

  • State the costs of poor health and safety and the benefits of goof health and safety standards

  • Indicate what causes harm (injuries, disease and ill-health) to people at work and the scale of harm to workers

  • Describe the legal framework for health & safety and the responsibilities of employers and employees

  • State what enforcement and legal action can be taken

Module 2- Risk Assessment and Risk Control, Manual Handling and Hazardous Substances

The aim of the module is for leaners to be aware of risk assessment and general control measures and the risks and controls associated with manual handling and hazardous substances.

  • Define the terms 'hazard' and 'risk'

  • State the risk assessment process, factors that can increase risk and control measures that can reduce risk

  • Describe the hazards and controls associated with manual handling

  • Describe the hazards and controls associated with hazardous substances

Module 3- Occupational health and welfare

  • Define occupational health and describe the common health and hazards at work, including stress

  • Describe the need for risk assessment and controls for health risk, including health surveillance

  • State what welfare facilities need to be provided to reduce the risk of health effect, including first aid

  • Describe that effects of alcohol, drugs and smoking on workers

.Module 4 - Safety and Fire Safety

The aim of the module is for leaners to understand the importance of safety and the prevention of accident, in particular, hazards and controls in relations to slips, trips and falls, electricity, fire and emergency arrangements

  • Define what an accident is and what needs to be done following and accident, including the requirement to legally report certain accidents

  • State the importance of slips, trips and falls, common causes and measures that can be taken to reduce the risks

  • Describe the hazards associated with electricity, including electric shock and how to deal with it, and the general controls the prevent electrical hazards, including portable appliances

  • State common causes of fire, arrangements to reduce the risk of these happenings and evacuation procedures

Module 5 - The workplace and work equipment

  • State the general health and safety aspects of buildings, their design and layout of premises

  • Explain the importance of maintenance and good housekeeping

  • Identify equipment hazards and control measures that can be used to reduce risk

  • State the hazards and controls associated with:

    • Working at height

    • Transport and vehicles at work

    • Noise and vibration

Module 6 - Summary and test

  • 15 questions randomly selected from all 5 modules

  • You will need a score of 75% to pass this test.