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First Aid

Course Overview

This First Aid awareness training course provides a fast and effective way to support health and safety responsibilities in the workplace. First Aid training ensures that all employees become more safety aware, which helps reduce the number of accidents. First Aid training saves lives, particularly in situations where there are serious injuries and it is critical that immediate action is taken. 

This highly interactive e-Learning course covers what learners need to know if they are not trained first aiders about responding to an accident. It also covers the RIDDOR reporting and recording responsibilities.  Although primarily a "first aid at work" course, the training also will have practical benefits in other situations. 

Knowing how to respond to an injury or emergency is an essential life skill. The course outlines basic first aid procedures so you’ll know how to act, keeping the victim safe until professional help arrives.

Course Features

Our unique Speed-Learning function is now also built-in to this RoSPA approved First Aid training course, allowing learners to accelerate the audio and facilitating a more engaging learning experience. Speed-learning enabled, multi-lingual 24/7 accessibility makes it possible for employees to learn at their own pace and in bite-sized chunks ensuring training that best suits their own timetables.

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand what they can and can’t do in event of an accident
  • Know how to contact their first aider
  • Know where their first aid box/room is
  • Understand how reporting incidents helps health and safety
  • Understand what needs to be reported
  • Find out how to report incidents in their workplace

Target Audience

All employees.