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Driving at Work - Economical Driving

Course Overview

Eco-driving is a driving style that is both ecological and economical. Small changes to how you drive can improve the carbon emissions thereby helping the environment and fuel economy of vehicles regardless of vehicle type. Economical driving helps both employers and employees by reducing the chances of accidents, minimising wear and tear on company vehicles and more efficient fuel costs.

Highly interactive and dynamic,this course brings the principles of economic driving to life, giving learners tips before and during a car journey that will save fuel, money and the environment.

Course Outcomes:

  • Explain why it matters and the impact of driving on the environment
  • Use economical driving tips to reduce the financial and ecological cost of their driving
  • Plan journeys to minimise the amount of driving they do
  • Look after their car to minimise its impact on the environment
  • Monitor their fuel use

Target Audience

Anyone who drives for work