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Display Screen Equipment

Course Overview

Learn how to avoid aches, pains or eye fatigue when working with Display Screen Equipment by setting up your workstation correctly with a comprehensive interactive checklist to assess all the vital factors you need to consider.

You’ll learn how to adopt a good posture and keep your wrists and hands in a neutral position. With wireless communication allowing flexible working, you’ll learn how to set up laptops correctly, use tablets and smartphones safely for work, at the office or at home.

Key Learning Points:

  • Set up workstation correctly
  • How to adopt a good posture
  • How to set up laptops correctly
  • How to set up tablets correctly
  • Simulated Working Environment

Course Outcomes:

  • Explain the risks associated with working for long periods at a display screen
  • Set up a work area correctly to reduce back and neck strain, eye strain and musculoskeletal disorders
  • Use an interactive checklist to ensure the working position remains correct when factors alter
  • Respond correctly if RSI or MSD are suspected
  • Reduce the risks associated with using smartphones and tablets
  • Manage flexible working environments safely

Target Audience

All display screen users