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Course Overview

Anyone who’s likely to come into contact with hazardous substances, including flammable or explosive substances, will benefit from this dynamic course. It reviews the COSHH Regulations and how they protect people at work.

Learners explore how people can be exposed to hazardous substances and what they need to do to comply with COSHH regulations. The different categories of hazardous substances, their impact, their warning symbols and appropriate control measures are brought to life with quizzes, questions and an exploration of different workplaces.

Key Learning Points:

  • Understand COSHH regulations
  • Dangers of toxic, corrosive and flammable substance
  • Precautions to take when dealing with substance
  • Risks involved with substance
  • Interpret COSHH signage

Course Outcomes:

  • Understand the COSHH regulations
  • Be able to describe employer and employee responsibilities
  • Explain the risks of toxic, corrosive and flammable substances
  • Describe the necessary precautions to deal with each type of substance
  • Be able to assess the risks of a hazardous substance and know how to avoid them
  • Understand what information is recorded on safety data sheets
  • Be able to interpret current and international COSHH signage
  • Identify which COSHH substances are present in their workplace
  • Understand the importance of using the correct containers for different substances
  • Be able to identify COSHH specific risks in different workplace scenarios

Target Audience

All employees who may come into contact with any hazardous substances