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Word 2013: Intermediate

Who it's For:

Everyone. Even if you're already using Word, you'll find that the program goes much deeper with lots of amazing features.

What it is:

Word is the premier word processor. People use Word to create letters, resumes, invitations, term papers, flyers, and even books.

What You'll Learn:

If you're a beginner, you'll learn essential skills everyone in the computer age should know. If you're familiar with MS Word, you'll learn some amazing things you never knew Word could do to make your document creation faster, better looking, better written, and error free.


Word 2013: Intermediate Part 1

  • Rulers
  • Tab Stops via Ruler
  • Tab Stops via Menu
  • Extra Tabs Practice
  • Change a Tabbed List Into a Table
  • Create a Table From Scratch
  • Format the Table
  • Sort the Table
  • Simple Math
  • Insert an Excel Table
  • Drawing Tables
  • Open Practice File
  • What Is a Style
  • Create a Character Style
  • Create a Paragraph Style
  • Create a Linked Style
  • Style For All New Docs

Word 2013: Intermediate Part 2

  • Pictures and Drawing Tools
  • Styles Gallery
  • Removing Background
  • Drawing and Resizing Tools
  • Layers
  • Changing the Layers
  • Gradients
  • Insert Equations
  • Insert Online Video