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Excel Power User 2013

Who it's For:

This course is designed for the advanced Excel user who is looking for more than the run of the mill functions and features available in Excel. For current clients of Learn iT!, this course essentially can be referred to as Excel Day 4, allowing students to continue their Excel education into more advanced features and uses of Excel beyond that which is covered in Excel days 1 through 3 (or modules 1 through 6.) Attendees of this course should have completed Excel Days 1-3, or already be proficient in the skills covered in those courses.

What it is:

The Excel Power User course expands on the advanced features covered in the Learn iT! Excel Day 2 and Day 3 courses, immersing the student even further in the analytical power of Excel. The course covers features and tools that most Excel users would not necessarily need on a daily basis, but that's not you. You're a power users. You need more than the average user. This course delves into more advanced concepts of how to use the tools of Excel. Concepts that must be knows by the user, and are not always represented as basic out of the box tools provided by Excel.

What You'll Learn:

In this course, students will learn how to use advanced functions together such as INDEX & MATCH, as well as the OFFSET function. We cover the concept of using Array Formulas and Functions and discuss the pros and cons of using such functions. You'll learn how to build your own dynamic ranges, as opposed to relying on the simple, out of the box Table formatting. You'll learn how to build a Waterfall Chart, which is not a chart native to Excel. You'll wrap up the day learning about advanced Pivot Table features and see an introduction to VBA programming to augment your macros. And of course, much more throughout the day.


Excel 2013 Power User Part 1

  • Introduction
  • INDEX & MATCH Functions
  • Array Formulas & Functions
  • Conditional Formatting Formulas
  • Dynamic Ranges

Excel 2013 Power User Part 2

  • Spin Controls
  • Waterfall Charts
  • Pivot Table Calculations
  • Pivot Table Templates
  • Importing Data from the Web
  • Introduction to VBA