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Good Housekeeping


We all know accidents happen, right? Stubbing your toe, banging your head, and the most painful of all, standing on that rogue drawing pin… aaagh. Ok, accidents like this are difficult to prevent but thankfully don’t usually leave any lasting damage.

In the workplace, it’s a different story. A big cause of preventable injuries at work is poor housekeeping, which can have not only a negative effect on your workforce but also legal implications for you as a business. Good housekeeping includes anything that helps ensure the safety of workers, from preventing trip hazards, controlling hazardous substances, to fire safety. Good housekeeping should be the foundation of a safe workplace environment.

Outline Learning Objective?

  • Explain why bad housekeeping is bad for business
  • Identify the benefits of good housekeeping
  • Implement a plan for a good housekeeping programme

Who should take this course?

If you’re a business owner, manager, or a ‘person in charge’ of health and safety in your workplace, understanding what good housekeeping is and why it’s important is crucial to maintaining a workplace that is compliant with the HSE.

Why take this course?

Good housekeeping is essential to employers and employees because good housekeeping in the workplace is everyone’s job. This course will help you understand what ‘good housekeeping in the workplace’ is, and how to help keep you and your team safe, by spotting potential hazards before they turn into nasty accidents. It will also help set up an efficient system of working and promote the reporting of hazards. Raise your productivity rather than the first aider’s blood pressure