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Banter and Bullying


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In this track, we'll discuss banter and bullying. We'll pin down the definitions before highlighting the line between them and what it looks like to cross that line. We'll also identify actions you should take if you are the victim of or have observed other victims of workplace bullying.

According to the Trade Union Congress, nearly a third of adults have been bullied at work. But what is the difference between banter and bullying? Does it come down to intent, how well you know the individual, or whether you're just being sensitive? And who ultimately judges this? You? Your bully? A senior employee? HR?

That’s what we discuss in this recording. 

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the definitions of banter and bullying, and where the two meet and differ.
  • Learn about the size of the problem of bullying in the workplace, and how we can address it in the correct ways.

Target Audience

Learners who prefer audio as a medium, and who are looking to be better, friendlier and more socially aware communicators and colleagues.