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Gender Identity in the Workplace


Gender identity is an important part of how you and your colleagues see yourselves. Whether your gender identity corresponds to the sex you were assigned at birth or differs, it’s valid. It’s never acceptable to discriminate against anyone because of their gender identity. And everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace.

A positive and supportive workplace is a healthier, more productive place for everyone to be around. Understanding that respecting gender identity is part of respecting your colleagues in general will help you make sure everyone feels welcome. And recognising the relevant legal requirements will help you and your organisation remain lawful and compliant, too.

Outline Learning Objectives:

  • Define gender identity and its practical impact on workplace well-being, to ensure a dignified workplace for every employee
  • Understand the legal implications and requirements of the Equalities Act as it relates to gender identity in the workplace, to ensure compliance at all times
  • Begin to promote positive changes and the adoption of best practice in your workplace, to move towards creating a more positive and inclusive working environment

Why take this course?

Everyone needs to understand how to respect their colleagues, so they feel comfortable and safe being themselves. This course will help you understand what gender identity is. It’ll also explain the relevant legislation and show you how to make sure everyone feels welcome, wherever they work. By completing this course, you’ll be taking the 1st step to positive change.