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Epilepsy Awareness and Food Allergy Awareness (bundle)

This interactive online Health Awareness course is comprised of the following learning modules:

Epilepsy Awareness

This course gives an overview of epilepsy, including causes, symptoms, treatments, what to do if someone has a seizure, and the legal position with regard to employment and driving. Different types of seizure are explained, and seizures not associated with epilepsy are also described. The course is an overview of epilepsy for people who might come into contact with colleagues, service users and friends who have epilepsy and who want to be able to recognise a seizure and know how to deal with it.

In this course you will learn about:

  • What epilepsy is

  • About the different types of seizure

  • What triggers seizures

  • How epilepsy is controlled

  • What to do if someone has a seizure

  • The law relating to working or employing someone with epilepsy

  • The law relating to driving with epilepsy

Food Allergy Awareness

This engaging course will help you to understand the impact food allergies have on a person, how to ensure businesses adhere to the legal requirements, what those requirements are, what type of foods can cause a reaction, and how to help someone who is suffering. After completing the course you will have a thorough understanding of food allergies, and what your role is in preventing a reaction it and following regulations

In this course you will learn:

  • What a food allergy is

  • How to identify an allergic reaction

  • What foods are most likely to cause a reaction

  • The dangers of hidden food allergens

  • What food intolerance is

  • Some rules to implement in order to comply with these regulations

  • Ways to avoid cross-contact

  • How to prepare for, spot, and respond to anaphylaxis

  • How to respond when you don't know if a reaction is allergy or asthma