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Safeguarding Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults, Level 1 & 2

The mandatory safeguarding training for compliance with the Care Act 2015.


This online course provides the legally required Safeguarding Training if you work with children or adults at risk. The course is suitable for those in the health, care, education and early years sectors as well as those voluntary and corporate organisations working with children or vulnerable adults.


Since the introduction of the Care Act in April 2015 and the Children Act additions in 2004, it is now mandatory for all those working directly with children or vulnerable adults to be trained in their responsibilities towards safeguarding both children AND vulnerableadults. In other words, you'll need training pertaining to children and adults, even if you work predominately with just one group.

This CPD registered course fully meets and complies with training requirements at Level 1 and Level 2 of the UK's Safeguarding Framework (which is the mandatory training requirement) in a single course, making it both time and cost effective.

Organisations in all sectors will be able to use the course to evidence their safeguarding compliance to their local safeguarding adult and children boards, commissioners and regulatory bodies such as the Care Quality Commission and Ofsted. Additionally, those in the health sector can use the course to meet their requirements under the Intercollegiate Document 2014.

Course Features

The course introduces the concept of abuse and the legislative framework that underpins safeguarding children and adults. Other relevant subjects such as the Mental Capacity Act, information sharing, categories and indicators of abuse and what to do if you have a concern about an individual, are also covered.

The course, which is based in a fictional street, Hope Street, engages learners in the real issues of peoples' lives and safeguarding. It challenges them to understand the residents' lives; exploring their concerns through question and answer sessions, scenarios and 3D imagery. It is concluded by an assessment quiz.


There are 10 modules in this course:

  • Introduction

  • Tutorial

  • Objectives

  • Vulnerability

  • Definition of abuse

  • Significant harm

  • Hope Street

  • The family unit

  • Information sharing

  • Assessment (the final quiz)