Simple, flexible and gives great value-for-money

OPTION 1: PAYG Pricing Packages

OPTION 2: Annual Site License/Subscription Pricing

OPTION 3: Publisher Enrolment Pricing

Remember that you can mix-and-match your content purchasing

PAYG Pricing Packages

Rather like a PAYG phone, you can top up your credit as and when you want. This offers you ultimate flexibility in buying whichever courses you want across the different publishers. There are four standard packages offering increasing levels of discount.

You can deliver the courses through your own LMS using our SCORM Connectors. Alternatively, you can use our LMS for free with your branding and configured to support your requirements (a small set-up fee applies for use with Level 1 and 2 packages only).

This pricing is best when you are more interested in using courses from a variety of publishers. If you find you are starting to use courses from just one publisher, then it's easy to switch to Enrolment pricing for better pricing.

PackagePre-PaymentSet-up Fee
(for LMS Users only)
Course Discount %
Level 1£500£750Base Price
Level 2£1,500£37515%
Level 3£3,000£020%
Level 4£6,000£025%

*The initial pre-payment is the minimum commitment for a 12 month term with no refund option. Prices quoted exclusive of VAT.

Annual Site License Pricing

Traditional Site License (user based) is available and prices will be provided upon request and specification of course catalogue required and the number of students.

Publisher Enrolment Pricing

This pricing is best when you only want courses from specific publishers. There is a base price for each publisher usually starting at only 25 enrolments. If you need a greater number of enrolments, then the more you order, the better the price.

It's up to you which courses you choose and for how many employees since the number of enrolments you purchase applies to the total library of that publisher, not to just one of their courses.

You can still pick and mix between publishers so long as you order the minimum enrolments per publisher.