Digital Collaboration with Office 365


Modern work requires greater amounts of collaboration and communication.Trying to work in this environment, where there are likely several non-integrated software applications that need to be used can make things challenging. Office 365 is an integrated collaboration and communication solution from Microsoft. Office 365 combines the well known software applications with cloud features to help individuals and teams work together more productively. This course looks at the common features of Office 365 and how they can be used to support collaboration and communication. This course will teach your staff how to monitor and collaborate on projects and tasks, share knowledge and content with colleagues, use social and communication tools efficiently.                                                                                    

Learning Outcomes

  • Confidently navigate and use Office 365 features
  • Manage and coordinate work with colleagues
  • Communicate effectively in real time and asynchronously
  • Work on projects and tasks using SharePoint online


Section 1: Introduction and Course Structure

Unit 1.1 - The Changing Nature of Organizations and Work

Section 2: Office 365 Basics

Unit 2.1 - Office 365 Services

Unit 2.2 - Office 365 Structure and Navigation

Unit 2.3 - Office 365 Platforms

Section 3: Web-Based Email and Calendar in Office 365

Unit 3.1 - Using Office 365 Outlook Online

Section 4: Coordinating Work in Office 365

Unit 4.1 - Using Outlook Tasks to Manage Work

Section 5: Communicating in real time Using Office 365

Unit 5.1 - Skype for Business Overview

Unit 5.2 - Skype for Business Instant Message and Presence

Unit 5.3 - Skype for Business Contacts and Groups

Unit 5.4 - Skype for Business for Web Conferencing

Section 6: Collaborating on Documents with Office 365

Unit 6.1 - MS Office in the Cloud

Unit 6.2 - OneDrive for Business

Section 7: Where Teams Hang Out: SharePoint in Office 365

Unit 7.1 - SharePoint Basics

Unit 7.2 - SharePoint Team Sites

Section 8: Information from Across the Organization: Newsfeeds and Yammer in Office 365

Unit 8.1 - Using Newsfeed

Unit 8.2 - Using Yammer

Section 9: New Collaboration Features of Office 365

Unit 9.1 - Modern Searching with Delve

Unit 9.2 - Using Sway

Unit 9.3 - Office 365 Groups

Unit 9.4 - Organise Teamwork with Planner

Unit 9.5 - Automate Process and Tasks with Flow

Unit 9.6 - Create Surveys with Forms

Unit 9.7 - Share content with Videos

Section 10: Bring together People, Conversations and Content with Teams 

Unit 10.1 - Getting Started with Teams

Unit 10.2 - Creating Teams, Adding Members and Managing Channels and Messages

Unit 10.3 - Scheduling and Creating Meetings

Unit 10.4 - Sharing, Collaborating and Searching


  • Any knowledge worker, especially those who use Microsoft applications regularly.


2 Hours

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