Internet Explorer 9 - Introduction and Navigation

About the course

The Internet Explorer 9 - Introduction and Navigation course takes you though Internet Concepts and Internet Explorer Basics. You will also learn how to use Online Help Tools, Surf the Internet and use the Favourites Centre.


There are 5 modules in this course

  • Internet Concepts
  • Internet Explorer Basics
  • Online Help Tools
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Using the Favourites Centre

Course features

  • Simulation training replicates the software you are learning providing a realistic learning experience.
  • Learn how to perform tasks at your own pace and interactively by following easy step-by-step actions.
  • Reinforce your knowledge at the end of each lesson by completing interactive and multiple choice quiz questions.
  • Assess your skills at any time by undertaking the Course Test.
  • Lessons can be completed within 30 minutes so training can be undertaken in bite size pieces.
  • Bookmarking allows you to learn in multiple training sessions.
  • Course navigation features allow you to jump directly to specific topics of interest quickly and easily.
  • Designed for people who require initial and refresher training activities.
  • Available on-line 24 hours a day.
  • Version for Mobile Devices.
  • Review course content with eBooks
  • You’ll have access to this course for six months from the date of purchase – giving you plenty of time to finish your course.

Course Topics

Introducing Internet Explorer 9

  • Internet Concepts;
  • Distinguish Internet Components;
  • Understand Internet Services;
  • Identify the Internet and WWW;
  • Understand the use of Search Engines;
  • Recognise the Use of Encryption;
  • Identify Digital Certificates;
  • Recognise the Use of Firewalls;
  • Understand Virus Protection;
  • Identify Cookies;

Internet Explorer Basics

  • Identify Browser Window Components;
  • Open Pages in a New Window;
  • Use the Address Bar List;
  • Use Refresh and Stop Buttons;
  • Add an Address to the Favorites Bar;
  • Maintain the History List;
  • Delete Temporary Internet Files;
  • Apply Parental Controls;
  • Hide Images on Web Pages;

Online Help Tools

  • Display the Help Window;
  • Use Online and Offline Help;
  • Work with Help Links;
  • Use Help Search;
  • Navigate Help Pages;
  • Print Help Pages;
  • Browse Help Pages;
  • Close the Help Window;

Surfing the Internet

  • Identify URL Components;
  • Display Web Sites;
  • Activate Hyperlinks;
  • Navigate Using the Keyboard;
  • Use AutoComplete;
  • Open Multiple Web Pages;
  • Change Pages using Thumbnails;
  • Pin Sites to the Taskbar;
  • Fill in Basic Web Forms;

Using the Favourites Centre

  • Open and Close the Favourites Centre;
  • Add Websites to the Favourites List;
  • Organise the Favourites List;
  • Rename Links in the Favourites List;
  • Delete Links in the Favourites List;
  • Move and Copy Links;
  • Pin the Favourites Centre Pane;
  • Display the History List;
  • Sort Entries in the History List;

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