Telugu Beginners Plus (Talk More)

Ideal for those who

Know some basic Telugu but don’t feel ready for a full conversation.

Are looking to learn complete sentences instead of individual words.

Want to build confidence to speak Telugu in different situations.

How does it work?

  • You learn useful phrases you might need abroad, including ‘I’d like to pay by credit card’ and ‘My camera has been stolen’.
  • Quizzes within each section test you on the vocabulary you have just learnt.
  • Improve your pronunciation with the recording quiz, which allows you tocompare your accent against that of a native speaker.
  • Feel motivated to learn by earning points that will win you bronze, silver and gold awards.
  • Printable vocabulary sheets with each topic for you to take away with you and keep learning on the move.

Key features

  • Video footageallows you to see body language and lip movements of native speakers.
  • Alphabet section teaches you the individual sounds.
  • Covers nine different everyday situations:meeting and greeting, shops and restaurants, getting around, hotels, phone calls, emergencies, leisure and business.
  • Learn from any of over 85 native languages.

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