Level 2 Award in Healthier Food and Special Diets


This course has been written taking into account national guidelines on Nutrition and Health Eating.


Caterers, fitness trainers, community workers, food and health-related occupations and any individuals with a role in the promotion of health.


To cover the basic principles of nutrition and focuses on the role of nutrition in health by covering the role of a healthy diet in relation to health, the nutrient content of different foods and diets, how food processing affects the nutritional quality of food and how a nutrient deficiency or excess can contribute to ill health.


  • Introduction to Nutrition & Health
  • Nutrients, Their Function & Sources
  • Factors Affecting the Nutrient Content of Foods
  • Diet & Health
  • Food Choices & Nutritional Needs of Different Groups
  • Requirements When Catering for the Public

Course Structure:

The online format is fully animated with very high quality graphics/animation and it also has a full audio voice over.


Approximately 3 hours to complete the course in full. Learn as much as you want in any session and return.


Testing is continuous throughout the learning by self-assessment and multi-choice questions. In the event the questions are answered incorrectly the course will take the learner back to the relevant section and ask the question again.


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