Risk assessment


Risk! Apart from being the most ‘impossible to finish’ board game, RISK is something we face every day, especially in the workplace. As technology and machinery gets, bigger, faster, and… well… more technical, the risk to the workforce grows, and that’s why risk assessments are so important. They allow you to manage the risk before you undertake the task. Simples. Successful risk assessments are a crucial part of maintaining the safety of employees, clients or visitors to the workplace, making them an essential task.

Outline Learning Objective?

  • The law on risk assessment
  • What is a risk assessment?
  • How to complete a risk assessment
  • When a risk assessment is needed
  • What and who should a risk assessment cover?

Why take this course?

Wherever you work, you’ll more than likely encounter risk assessments and workplace health and safety guidelines. Knowing what should have risk assessments, and how to interpret and act on them is vital to keeping you ‘ahead of the game’! Managers or persons in charge of health and safety should pay close attention, as this training will also talk you through the how, when, what and who of risk assessments, so that your ‘risk strategy’ isn’t just decided by the roll of a dice.

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