Slips Trips and Falls


Slips, trips and falls are preventable accidents which harm people's lives and damage businesses. In this course we will look at the causes of these mishaps and methods of prevention. “Slips, Trips and Falls" looks at the law and the legal requirements for preventing and dealing with such accidents in the workplace. The course covers performing risk assessments and establishing effective control measures.


Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to:

  • Draw attention to the dangers of slips, trips and falls and to give information on the laws relating to them 
  • Encourage safe practice in the workplace by examining the causes of these accidents and looking at ways to prevent them 
  • Understand that slips, trips and falls cost industry in lost production and profit and why they are covered under the health and safety legislation 
  • Know how to perform a risk assessment and what to do to minimise the risks of slips, trips and falls in the workplace

Course Duration

1 .5 Hours

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