Display Screen Equipment


Display Screen Equipment is present in virtually every workplace so it is important to raise awareness of safe usage and proper safety precautions. "Display Screen Equipment" looks at the law and the legal requirements for operating visual display equipment in the workplace. The course covers performing risk assessments and establishing effective control measures. "Display Screen Equipment" examines ergonomics as a means of managing VDU usage and looks at the health issues involved with a view to protecting the health of the user.


Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to:

  • Provide information on the safe use of visual display equipment 
  • Examine the law as it applies to visual display equipment and to look at ergonomics as a means of preventing long term physical damage 
  • On completion of this course you will be understand that visual display equipment needs to be used according to the safety guidelines to avoid short term discomfort and long term injury 
  • You will be able to perform a basic risk assessment and set up risk preventative measures in the workplace, including managing office furniture and VDU settings 

Course Duration

1.5 Hours

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