Preparing Presentations


Learn how to prepare for presentations successfully. Giving presentations is one of the most daunting and unpopular tasks we face. Experienced managers and even experienced speakers often dread the prospect of speaking in public. For most of us, giving presentations does not come naturally. The key to successful presentations lies with effective PREPARATION. Being well prepared maximises your confidence and ensures you're in control. This course goes through the basics of preparing presentations, stage by stage. By following our guidelines you will avoid common pitfalls and ensure your message is clear and professional.


Participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to:

  • Clarify the purpose of your presentation and make it relevant to your audience's needs 
  • Organise any background administrative tasks 
  • Arrange material and prepare an outline structure 
  • Develop a detailed structure and supporting notes 
  • Design and utilise a range of visual aids 
  • Prepare yourself for the presentation 
  • Organise your room 

Course Duration

2 Hours

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