Diversity in learning and teaching

Course Overview

This best practice diversity e-learning course has been designed for staff working in the higher education sector.

This course supports teaching staff in developing positive responses to the challenges of increasing student diversity. Recognising that often there are no clear-cut right or wrong answers, the course encourages teachers to develop a diversity mindset and proposes a comprehensive approach to the diversity curriculum.

Through case studies, scenarios and exercises, this e-learning course offers a framework for reflection on current practice and experiences across a broad spectrum of equality and diversity issues in learning and teaching, including:

  • Developing a safe and inclusive learning environment
  • Meeting the needs of non-traditional or minority students
  • Developing diverse resources
  • Reviewing the Eurocentric curriculum
  • Providing accessibility for disabled students
  • Guarding against assumptions
  • Supporting students who are gender transitioning
  • Understanding the needs of international students
  • Making faith-related adjustments