Energy Efficiency


How would you rate your energy efficiency? The whole world is becoming more climate-conscious, which is clearly a great thing. But it’s important to understand why businesses are trying to lower their carbon footprints, as well as your role in creating a more energy-efficient company.

But just how does energy use lead to climate change? And what can businesses do to counteract climate change? Will it be enough to save the world? This course has been designed to answer these questions, and explain how you and all employees can do your bit to save the planet, as well as saving some cash in the process.

Outline Learning Objective:

  • Explain why using energy efficiently is important and the consequences of not doing so
  • Recognise how energy-saving appliances will save your company money
  • Describe how you can cut a company’s carbon footprint by controlling heating, lighting, and equipment

Why Should I take this course

All employees should be aware of the environmental impact of products in their workplace. We can all make positive changes, whatever our job title. By taking this course, you’ll learn which small (and big) actions you can take to make a big difference. Let’s go shed some (energy-efficient) light on climate change.