Basic Call Center Training


This course will introduce the learner to the basic skills necessary to be a successful call center employee. The course will familiarize the learner with communicating with customers and proper telephone etiquette. Upon successful completion of the course, the learner will have a strong understanding of the following:

  • How to ask the right questions.
  • How to speak properly to customers.
  • How to listen effectively to customers.


T1. Introduction to Telephone Communication: This topic will inform the learner regarding how much of communication and understanding lies in a persons tone of voice and body language, important generalizations and implications that can be drawn from Mehrabians communication study, and how to use body language.

T2. Communicating with the Customer: This topic will present information regarding sounding professional while speaking to customers on the phone, how to control your voice, the four Es of maintaining an effective telephone voice, and identifying customers.

T3. Speaking and Listening: This topic will provide information on the importance of representing yourself and the company as professionally as possible while dealing with customers on the telephone, which entails not cursing, not speaking casually, not speaking negatively about the company, and practicing active listening techniques to enhance your understanding of customer needs.

T4. How to Ask the Right Questions: This topic will provide an overview of the importance of asking specific questions including closed-ended, open-ended, and probing to customers in order to gain information, focus conversations, explore opinions, and reach a consensus.

T5. Telephone Procedures: This topic will provide an overview of the history and benefits of telemarketing, building rapport with customers, techniques for remembering names, taking and leaving messages, voice mail techniques, and proper message etiquette.

Please note that any legal and compliance references in this course will pertain to US legislation.