Purchase only the number of "units" (enrolments) you need and deliver the courses on your own LMS or VLE without having to purchase a site license and store huge files.


  • Web-based
  • Search an ever-expanding library of courses
  • Fully evaluate any course
  • Purchase the number of enrolments you need (for each publisher)
  • Upload your new course file straight into your LMS

How does your enrolment model work compares to traditional site licensing?

If you need to train only 100 members of staff in a particular subject area, why should you have to purchase a full site license for all your staff for a whole library of courses? Our Marketplace makes it easier, simpler, and more cost effective for you to buy what you want, when you want it. All you need do is search for courses, enrol yourself in those you're interested in to evaluate them fully ... then make your purchase, safe in the knowledge that you're investing only in what you need and nothing more. Please note that units have a shelf life of a year, which means that all enrolments need to be started within a year of purchase. Each enrolment lasts a full 3 months though, even if started on the last day of the year.

How do I run these courses via my LMS?

After completing your purchase you will be able to create the relevant SCORM files. Don't worry, these are not the traditionally large packages you may have struggled in the past to upload and get working. These contain only a launch mechanism, which when imported, enables your LMS to speak (transparently) to our platform, The upshot of this is that we host all the content and all your LMS needs to do is launch the course each time a learner comes along.

So how do we manage our tracking and reporting?

Using the exact same method as you do at present. All session data is dropped into your LMS ready for you to report as normal. How do I start looking for courses? Simply browse (or search) for courses to see what is available, but if you want to fully evaluate courses and see pricing for each Publisher (before purchasing for your staff), you will need to Register