The Diversity Challenge - Maximising the potential of our diverse workforce


Implementing this expert learning resources will help managers and staff alike understand the importance of open-minded attitudes and respectful behaviours. As opportunities throughout the organisation improve you will see a boost in morale and a rise in performance levels.

Intended Audience

This course is suitable for all staff members who wish to learn how to:

  • Remove unhelpful 'filters' when recruiting, selecting and promoting
  • Accommodate each other's needs
  • Value colleagues for their individual talents and experience
  • Recognise how a diverse workforce is attuned to customer needs

Course Content

  • Part 1 – Includes Introducing why diversity is an important issue for every person in an organisation
  • Part 2 – Includes A dramatised scenario featuring an organisation getting to grips with key aspects of diversity
  • Part 3 – Includes Providing guidelines for behaviour in a diverse workforce
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Assessment Quiz

Course Benefits

This course will enable your staff to have a better understanding of:

  • How to remove unhelpful 'filters' when recruiting and selecting
  • How to avoid unlawful behaviours
  • How a diverse workforce is more attuned to the needs of its customers
  • How to develop diverse products and services
  • How diverse teams can harness a whole range of talents

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