Gender Matters - Creating an inclusive workplace for both men and women


Skill Boosters, together with gender and equality experts Melanie Allison and ACAS, provides this e-learning course to help your organisation benefit from the contribution of every employee. Once people’s eye are opened to the equally valuable qualities men and women bring to the workplace, discrimination and harassment to both can be challenged.

Intended Audience

This course is suitable for all staff members who wish to learn how to:

  • Understand their legal and professional obligations
  • Embrace gender balance at work
  • Develop new insights and work successfully as part of a diverse team

Course Content

  • Part 1 - Why gender matters
  • Valuing difference
  • Discrimination
  • Towards a level playing field
  • Flexible working
  • Mutual respect
  • Part 2 – A series of five dramatised scenarios to trigger discussion and reflection
  • Interactive exercises
  • Assessment quiz

Course Benefits

This course will enable your staff to have a better understanding of:

  • Employers’ and employees’ obligations under Sex Discrimination and Equal Pay Acts, as well as the Gender Recognition Act 2004
  • A variety of real-life factors that support and inhibit gender balance at work
  • People’s different needs, depending on their gender
  • Gender bias in employment, for people undertaking gender reassignment as well as men and women
  • Effective working relationships through organisational culture change, to develop insights and build strong teams
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to work successfully as part of a diverse team

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